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Warranty period and conditions

Konsepti strongly recommends that the Buyer studies thoroughly the guarantee conditions including the Czech Instructions for Use prior to first usage and subsequently strictly abides by them. Or else the Buyer may incur the risk of damaging the item by incorrect usage and will not be able to enforce a claim within his/her right following from the responsibility for defect. The Consumer (or the Buyer who has taken out the guarantee on the goods) is entitled to exercise the right related to defects within 24 months from the date of taking delivery with the exception of items separately listed in the offer.

The Buyer inspects the item as soon as possible upon taking delivery in accordance with § 2104 of the Civil Code (no later than 24 hours from taking delivery) and performs the quality and quantity check.

The Warranty does not cover common wear and tear of the goods (or its components) caused by usage. In such case, shorter lifespan of the product cannot be considered a defect and cannot be claimed. Konsepti is obliged to provide the warranty in writing (guarantee document/acknowledgement) at the Consumer´s request. This document can be replaced by purchase document if it includes business name of the Seller, identification number and registered address.

Buyers who use the goods for business or trade purposes use the warranty period set by each particular importer of the goods into Czech Republic. The above-mentioned 24-month warranty period is intended solely for Consumers, not Enterprisers. Enterprisers will be informed about the period in which they can exercise their rights related to defects during the contract negotiations.

Konsepti is liable for selling a non-defective item at the moment of taking delivery. This means that the item to sell has the quality and particular performance required by the contract, described by Konsepti, the manufacturer or his representative, or expected on the bases of the promotion made by the afore-mentioned, or as the case may be the usual quality and performance of such type of an item, that it meets the respective legal requirements, that it is in the corresponding amount, measurement or weight and its purpose of use corresponds with the one stated by the Seller or with the purpose of use usual for such an item.

Should the item be defective or lack the qualities stated in the previous article and required by respective law, the Buyer is entitled to a free of charge and timely elimination of the defect, delivery of a new non-defective item or new components, and if this is not possible, he/she is entitled to request an appropriate discount from the purchase price or to withdraw from the purchase contract.

The Buyer cannot exercise the right related to defective performance in case he/she knew that the item was defective when taking delivery, or in case he/she caused the defect him/herself. A defect which occurs within six (6) months from the date of taking delivery is considered a defect which has already been there at the moment of taking delivery.

Konsepti suggests a particular settlement of the claim within 5 days. A claim can be settled either by means of repairing the goods on the spot or at the manufacturer, exchanging the goods, or providing an additional discount. The time period necessary for expert assessment of the defect (according to the type of goods or services) is not included in the above-mentioned claim settlement period. In case of manufacturer repair abroad, this period for eliminating the defect will be set by an agreement between the two parties.

The claim will be settled and the defect eliminated without undue delay, within thirty (30) calendar days of the claim enforcement, unless Konsepti and the Buyer who has taken out the warranty period agree otherwise. After the expiry of this time-limit, the Buyer who has taken out the warranty period can exercise the same rights as if the defect was ineliminable.

Konsepti issues to the Buyer who has taken out the warranty period a written document about the date of the claim enforcement, its content and means of settlement requested.  Konsepti also issues (and sends by e-mail) a document confirming the date and means of the claim settlement, including a confirmation of the repair and specification of its duration. In case of a claim denial, Konsepti issues a written justification of this denial. This obligation also applies to other persons appointed to make the repairs.

Warranty is always to be drawn upon in writing or by means of an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it is necessary to unequivocally establish which goods it relates to (laying down the invoice no./delivery note, code, defect description, photograph). Warranty covers defects on the construction, mechanics and the materials used, it does not cover defects caused by namely:

-           inappropriate use of the product (such which the product was not tested, produced and intended to be used for)

-           common wear and tear (“aging”)

-           inappropriate manipulation, fall, deformation caused by a hit

-           unwarranted interference with the construction or mechanics, repairs made by untrained personnel

-           disrespecting the Instruction for Use, if translated

The time-limit for claim settlement is suspended in case Konsepti has not received all data required to settle the claim (goods components, other data etc.).  Konsepti is obliged to request the completion of this data from the Buyer without undue delay. The time-limit is suspended from this date until the requested data has been supplied by the Buyer.

In case the claimed goods needs to be sent to Konsepti, the Buyer in his/her own interest makes sure it has been wrapped in suitable and sufficiently protective wrapping material meeting the demands of fragile goods transportation. The Buyer will include all accessories and mark the consignment with relevant symbols.

Having settled the claim, Konsepti will then call upon the Buyer to take delivery of the repaired goods.

The claim is not applicable in case of inexpert assembly or inexpert putting the goods into operation, as well as inexpert handling, i.e. namely when using the goods in conditions with parameters not corresponding to those stated in the goods documentation.

Should the Buyer visit any service technician, it is necessary to devise a protocol about the identified defects and method of their elimination. Without this protocol such visit cannot be taken into account.

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